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Joshua Pelled 

Founder & CEO 

Thank you for your interest in the roles we have available for Bright Futures UK Trustee Board

Bright Futures UK is incredibly proud of the bespoke and life changing services we are able to offer through our unique organisation. Bright Futures UK mission is to support any young person who's education has been impacted due to medical conditions - our goal therefore is to provide and create opportunities where young people can develop and excel to achieve all goals, regardless of their illness! 

We pride ourselves on offering tailored support to young people who otherwise wouldn't be able to access the same opportunities other young people can access when education hasn't been affected. 

In a year and a half, BFUK has been able to support over 550 young people across each of our programmes, partner with 5 of the largest NHS trusts in the UK, grow our team and budget significantly, all whilst developing new programmes for schools and outpatients. 

This is an exciting time for Bright Futures UK! In the first year of BFUK's existence, we bootstrapped the charity to show proof of concept, now we are on track to become the national charity supporting this issue. 

2019 now sees Bright Futures UK growing in all areas and a number of exciting projects just around the corner.  The board will undergo significant changes over the next few months, having now identified a number of key individuals and skills we are looking to include. 

If you are looking to join the Trustee Board of one of the UK's fastest growing charities, then read on! 


Call BFUK to find out more information 

Office No: 02030518671 

Mobile: 07853134741



Bright Futures UK (BFUK), the first and only charity whose purpose is to provide support to young people who have been forced to take time out of education as a result of illness. We offer support to young people of all educational ages who suffer from long term illness whether it be a mental health or physical condition.

As the only organisation working in a space that affects around half a million young people each year, we have a responsibility to our beneficiaries and the wider community to continuously raise the standard of our service. 

In 2019 Bright Futures UK is looking to reshape its trustee board and continue to develop our 1 year, 3 year and 5 year strategy to help us become the national charity supporting this issue. 



As Chair, your role will provide leadership to the charity and its Board, ensuring the charity has maximum impact for its beneficiaries.  

You’ll achieve this by leading BFUK’s Trustee Board in ensuring the effective performance of its governance responsibilities, and work closely with the Founders and Executives to support them to achieve BFUK’s objectives.


The Chair will take responsibility for the Trustee Board’s performance and ensure there is an effective relationship between the Board, staff, volunteers and other stakeholders.


The Chair will also at times act as an ambassador for BFUK alongside the Chief Executive. 

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Full Details

By joining the Bright Futures UK board as our fundraising advisor, your role will be to advise and support Bright Futures UK with all aspects of our fundraising strategy.


This will include providing guidance on applications to trust and foundations, stewarding major donors, nurturing corporate engagements and guide Bright Futures UK strategy on fundraising events.


The fundraising trustee will introduce Bright Futures UK to relevant fundraising avenues when and where relevant.


The fundraising trustee will ensure Bright Futures UK has a developed and sustainable fundraising strategy, encompassing all above topics.


As treasurer, your responsibilities will be to provide financial management and controls of the charity’s finances, and provide strategic direction, planning and management.  

You will be dealing with HMRC, the charities commission and our bank in line with charity law and regulations. You will create financial statements, reports and documents – including budgets and forecasts to ensure the trustee board is aware and provided an up to date/current picture of Bright Futures UK’s financial situation. 

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The marketing chair will advance Bright Futures UK’s identity, broaden awareness of who we are and what we do, and increase the visibility of the charity to a wider audience.

The role involves developing and implementing a strategic marketing and communications plan alongside the senior management.

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Bright Futures UK’s currently operates within the healthcare industry, creating strategic partnerships with leading NHS trusts with a number of different objectives.  As such it is important, Bright Futures UK navigates the NHS and private healthcare/medical system with care.

The healthcare trustee will support Bright Futures UK in understanding and navigating the healthcare/medical sector. The role involves developing and improving Bright Futures UK current healthcare strategy. Our focus will be; awareness within healthcare sector, understanding and practises of statutory bodies within the NHS (such as GP’s, CAHMS or the Social Services) and strategic growth. 

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As Bright Futures UK Education Trustee, the role will be to advise and support Bright Futures UK’s strategy within the education sector.

This will include providing guidance on; building and nurturing relationships, developing a presence within the education sector, and using existing relationships to support BFUK goals.

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