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Run a Programme

Running a programme with BFUK means working directly with children and young people to make a direct difference in their lives.


Whatever your skills, qualifications or hobbies are, the most important thing you can offer is time

You don’t need any experience - we’ll provide you with comprehensive training and work with you to create top quality programmes. We want people from all walks of life, subjects and industries - whether you have hundreds of qualifications or none, your support is invaluable.

Supporting Bright Futures UK has never been easier and we are so grateful to the 200+ volunteers who work with us each year - Many of who work directly with our young people and see the difference they make! 

Our fully packed training and support has been created to ensure you not only  enjoy your experience with us, but know exactly what difference your time is making. Get in touch with our team today!

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Run a Programme

Corporate Partnerships

Covid affected charities and businesses alike. As we recover from the impact it had, it's more important than ever before that we blur the lines! Charities and businesses must work hand in hand to tackle social issues which affect staff just as much as charity service users. 

We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes to develop bespoke partnerships where you get to see your impact.

Our opportunities include:

  • Corporate day volunteering (working directly with young people)

  • Fundraising activities 

  • Team challenges 

Business Partnerships


We always keep the fun in fundraising!


In 2020 we saw the need for our services increase dramatically as Covid overwhelmed our NHS and left more isolated children and young people needing support. We were only able to respond to this need because of the kind donations we received from our donors. People like you.

Our team will support you run or get involved with a host of fundraising activities. We can offer support with marathons, tough mudders, events with friends, skydives, competitions or challenges

The impact your donations has on Bright Futures UK go far beyond the activity or event you do - but lets enjoy it whilst we do it! 


Since 2017, Bright Futures UK has been the leading organisation in the UK supporting children and young people whose education is seriously affected by long-term mental health and physical illnesses.


Through our personalised programs, we empower them to reclaim their lives and reach their full potential. Your generous support as a Patron directly impacts their journey, providing essential resources and opportunities for growth.


Join us as a Changemaker, Bright Benefactor, or Futures Friend, and become a beacon of hope for those in need.

Become a Patron



Empower your staff to give back! Let them go beyond their job and make a real difference with us.


Choose Bright Futures UK as your Charity of the Year. We'll create a fun, effective partnership to benefit everyone.


of the Year




Find your perfect fit! Explore our tailor-made programmes and impact young lives alongside Bright Futures UK.

Interested in supporting our mission?

With over 200 volunteers already impacting young lives, we're looking for passionate individuals like you. Join our supportive and rewarding community! Our comprehensive training and dedicated team ensures you make a meaningful contribution from day one. Want to know more? Get in touch with our friendly team today and take your first step towards making a brighter future!

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