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To Apply

i) Send letter of interest to josh.pelled@brightfuturesuk.com

ii) Apply using the form at the bottom of the page

Call BFUK to find out more information 

Office No: 02030518671 

Mobile: 07853134741


Bright Futures UK’s currently operates within the healthcare industry, creating strategic partnerships with leading NHS trusts with a number of different objectives. 

As such it is important, Bright Futures UK navigates the NHS and private healthcare/medical system with care.

The healthcare trustee will support Bright Futures UK in understanding and navigating the healthcare/medical sector. The role involves developing and improving Bright Futures UK current healthcare strategy.

Our focus will be; awareness within healthcare sector, understanding and practises of statutory bodies within the NHS (such as GP’s, CAHMS or the Social Services) and strategic growth. 


  • Develop Bright Futures UK knowledge and expertise of current UK government policies/initiatives that impact non-profit organisations

  • Support the further development of Bright Futures UK healthcare strategy. Allowing BFUK to solidify strategic placement within healthcare sector, grow brand awareness, access relevant statutory bodies, nurture existing relations.

  • Provide relevant analysis on current UK trends/changes that might directly/indirectly impact Bright Futures UK operations.

  • Work with senior management and The Board to define and execute strategy related to the healthcare sector.

  • Foster and maintain a network of policy makers, Non-profits, umbrella groups and academics within the healthcare sector.

  • Keep the board informed about relevant operational or legislative changes in UK healthcare policy.

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External Relations

  • Act as an ambassador for the cause and charity – with specific focus in the healthcare/medical sector.

  • Act as a spokesperson as relevant healthcare event.

  • Use industry knowledge and experience to further Bright Futures UK – Making introductions where relevant.

  • Use contacts to help form a medical advisory board.


Knowledge and Experience

  • Knowledge and experience of current policies topics within the medical and healthcare field.

  • Ability to understand and communicate research and scientific concepts clearly

  • Knowledge and experience of creating and implementing strategies within the healthcare sector – both NHS and private healthcare

  • Ability to make introductions to high level individuals within the healthcare sector.

  • Understand and be able to convey funding avenues within the private healthcare sector.  

Skills and Abilities

  • Have an excellent understanding of the healthcare sector and how different bodies interact and communicate with each other.

  • Good independent judgment

  • Experience within the charity sector as well as working within the healthcare sector.

  • Good analytic and evaluative skills.


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