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To Apply

i) Send letter of interest to josh.pelled@brightfuturesuk.com

ii) Apply using the form at the bottom of the page

Call BFUK to find out more information 

Office No: 02030518671 

Mobile: 07853134741


As Bright Futures UK Education Trustee, the role will be to advise and support Bright Futures UK’s strategy within the education sector.

This will include providing guidance on; building and nurturing relationships, developing a presence within the education sector, and using existing relationships to support BFUK goals.


  • Support the development of a sustainable strategy to access the education sector.

  • Oversee the ongoing development of the organisation’s education strategy in conjunction with senior management and the board.

  • Work with the board and senior management to recognise internal and external educational development opportunities.

  • Define and develop appropriate procedures to be able to take advantage of updated/new   developments within the education industry.

  • Keep the board informed as to relevant operational or legislative changes in the UK state education.

  • Ability to network with other members of the education sector, drawing on your own networks to support Bright Futures UK

  • Advise on educational funding – where academic structures receive funding (schools, academies, colleges), restrictions on funding, process of how funding is spent.


External Relations

  • Act as an ambassador for the cause and charity.

  • Use existing relationships with, for example with schools and education professionals to develop Bright Futures UK presence and understanding of the industry

  • Act as a spokesperson for the organisation where appropriate.


Knowledge and Experience

  • Have wide-ranging experiences in an educational role – operating at a senior level.

  • Ability to network with other members of the education sector

  • Understand the strategic use of the education sector as an effective partnership tool to support and enhance Bright Futures UK; services, activities and beneficiaries.

  • Understand and have experience in running programmes for young people of educational ages.

  • Understand charity interaction within the education system.

Skills and Abilities

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to enthuse people about a vision for the future.

  • Strategic perspective and vision.

  • Good independent judgment.

  • An ability to think creatively.

  • The ability to work collaboratively and constructively as a member of the board.

  • Experience of working within the charity sector is highly desirable.


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