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When children and young people take time out of any education setting due to long-term illness, they are missing out on far more than just academic learning. They are leaving a setting which helps shape who they will grow up to be. 


Bright Futures UK understand the huge gap left by leaving school or any other education setting. Our services are completely tailored to the needs of children and young people who need our support. 

Our programmes include: Tutoring, Mentoring, Befriending & Workshops 


Tutoring is Bright Futures UK's most popular programme. The fast pace that schools move at means that any time off means you fall behind - quickly! 

Our tutors are made up of students, teachers, tutors, retired teachers, masters & PHD students - who care about learning! Whatever area of studies you need help in, our tutors are there tutors to relieve the worry of falling behind and let you focus on getting better.  

Bright Futures UK provides resources to support your programme, including text books, learning aids, exam advice learning resources. 



Missing school means missing friends and the social bubble that comes with it. However, when facing illness, talking to people close to you can feel awkward or like they're treating you differently. 

Befriending offers the opportunity to develop a completley new positive relationship with a BFUK buddy. 

This programme is a safe space for our young people to express themselves and talk about experiences they don't want to share with people they know.  

Befriending programmes can be anything from talking about common interests, doing an activity BFUK help you plan or just a catch up on the phone once a week. 



Mentoring allows one of our young people to speak with a professional in an area they want to develop in. The relationship should develop around a personal or professional goal as a duo you can work towards. 

Within mentoring, the goal you set is completely down to as an individual, and your mentor will be led by you.

When getting in touch about mentoring, some things to think about are:
- What you want to do after leaving school
- What you want to do during and after your recovery
- How are you going to get there
If you still aren't sure on your exact goal, have a chat with a member of our team to see how we can help. 



Our workshops bring people together!

Some of us are lucky enough to have a hobby - something we can sit down with and lose ourselves in. Some of us haven't settled on just one thing, or maybe love picking up new activities.
Through our workshops you can join in with something creative and maybe find a new passion. We create a comfortable space where you can be as involved in the group as you want. 

We run workshops both online and in certain hospital partner wards (Covid permitting). We send material packs our before online workshops to make sure you have everything needed to be involved. 

Referral Form


Get in touch with one of our Programme Coordinator team, who can help you figure out what the best course of action is.  We will work with you to create bespoke programmes suited to your specific needs and goals.

All services are free to use and can offer support at any point of illness. During diagnosis, treatment, or rehabilitation, BFUK are here. 

(All information will be treated with the strictest confidence) 

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Is this person currently a risk to themselves or others?
If no, have they been suicidal or expressing thoughts of suicide within the last year?
If no, have they been a risk to themselves or others within the last year?
Are they currently experiencing servere struggles with their mental health within the last year?

If YES to any of the above questions, please provide any relevant additional information below.

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