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To Apply

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Office No: 02030518671 

Mobile: 07853134741


As treasurer, your responsibilities will be to provide financial management and controls of the charity’s finances, and provide strategic direction, planning and management.  

You will be dealing with HMRC, the charities commission and our bank in line with charity law and regulations. You will create financial statements, reports and documents – including budgets and forecasts to ensure the trustee board is aware and provided an up to date/current picture of Bright Futures UK’s financial situation. 


General Duties

  • To ensure that the organisation complies with its governing document, charity law, company law and any other relevant legislation or regulations.

  • To ensure the organisation applies its resources exclusively in pursuance of its objects.

  • Support relationship development as required with potential donors and other fundraising contacts.

  • To ensure the financial stability of the organisation.

  • Contributing to the fundraising strategy of the organisation.

  • Formal presentation of the accounts at the annual general meeting, drawing attention to and simply communicating the important points. 


Financial Duties

  • Advising on the financial implications of the organisation’s strategic plans.

  • Overseeing, approving and presenting budgets, accounts and financial statements.

  • Being assured that the financial resources of the organisation meet its present and future needs.

  • Ensuring that the charity has an appropriate reserves policy.

  • The preparation and presentation of financial reports for the board.

  • Ensuring that appropriate accounting procedures and financial controls are in place.  - Liaising with paid staff and volunteers about financial matters.  

  • Ensuring that the charity has an appropriate investment policy.

  • Ensuring that there is no conflict between any investment held and the aims and objects of the charity.

  • Ensuring equipment and assets are adequately maintained and insured.

  • Ensuring that the accounts are prepared and disclosed in the form required by donors and the relevant statutory bodies e.g. The Charity Commission.

  • If external scrutiny of accounts is required, ensuring that the accounts are scrutinised in the manner required and any recommendations are implemented.  

  • Keeping the board informed about its financial duties and responsibilities. 


Skills and Abilities

  • CCAB Qualified Accountant e.g. ACA, CIMA, ACCA or equivalent.

  • Significant board level financial leadership experience.

  • Ability to represent the organisation appropriately and effectively at many levels, including making new contacts and developing relationships.  

  • Analytical ability and good independent judgement.

  • Capacity for clear, creative and strategic thinking and vision.

  • Committed to diversity and inclusion throughout BFUK.

  • A willingness and ability to devote the necessary time and effort to attend Board and other meetings, including preparing and reading for those meetings, and to participate in the effective governance and management of BFUK. 


Thanks for submitting!

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