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We are dedicated to providing the best service possible to all our young people. We work with some amazing people and are constantly humbled by their achievements. 

Don’t take our word for it though, hear from some of them yourselves.

“Overall my experience has been great, I can’t fault a thing. My CV mentor has been a spark of inspiration helping me with the CV. Without him I would have extreme difficulty getting my CV done. It was also lovely speaking to my personal mentor, a like-minded individual who has had problems of his own and was able to overcome them and be in a better position in his life which is also inspirational for me, as it’s given me hope, that things do get better.


Since becoming a part of Bright Futures UK my current life situation has certainly improved and from here on it’s onwards and upwards.”

Cameron Fenton

“It is a great pleasure to help and support young people at Bright Futures UK. They are doing incredible work to allow young people to feel more confident, giving them the opportunity to see how their experiences can be turned into something positive.  We tend to underestimate how much illness can impact young people, how some assistance can make all the difference.”

Siomara Jubery, Programme Leader - Professional CV writer and career coach

“Working with Henry has reawakened my love of words and language and this has allowed me to reflect on a lot of the feelings I have inside. It has helped me focus my thoughts and helped towards increasing my level of concentration.

Henry is able to read my non-verbal cues, can see when I am tired and brings the session to a close. He has shared some of his life story in such a way that has encouraged me to keep writing about me.”


Working with Henry while in hospital is something in my life that is very valued and has really helped me”


Erinna Pilbeam

“I’ve had a great experience with Bright Futures UK. They found an excellent tutor to help with my coursework. I’ve been away from university for two years and this helped me get through the transition easier. The session with my tutor is flexible, and I can contact my tutor and the BFUK team anytime on the Bright Futures UK platform. I would recommend it to other young people who have to take some time out of school due to health reasons."


“I can see Bright Futures UK’s genuine interest and care for their young people and how much effort goes into the charity.  Their interaction with the kids and hospital staff goes to show how much they get involved and their professionalism. It is also very noticeable their understanding of the issues their young people face and the difference they are making.   


I would highly recommend to anyone that can to contribute to do so in any way they can. This will allow the younger generations to have a brighter future!”

Deepa Singh, Programme leader – Yoga Instructor

“Bright Futures UK has been a god send. Since meeting Bright Futures UK, they have helped our daughter through her illness seeing to it that she finds a tutor and has access to help in her crucial GCSE years.

Bright Futures UK expertly set-up an amazing tutor, who not only helps our daughter with any educational worries she may have but has also formed a friendship meaning that learning is more fun and easier for our daughter in spite of her medical limitations.

The team has ensured she settled in properly thus making life for us stress free too. We would highly recommend Bright Futures UK as it is a wonderful organisation that helps numerous children like our daughter who face medical difficulties. Josh and his team have consistently delivered, for which we are extremely grateful.”

Mr and Mrs Jani

“Bright Futures UK meet the needs of an often-overlooked target group. They are flexible, creative and always responsive when it comes to working with young people who are currently, or have previously been, on roll at our school. This has proven particularly invaluable in both extending our curriculum and outreach. We are really looking forward to developing our relationship with the team further and seeing how this young charity grows and develops in the next couple of years. We hope to be a key partner in their journey.”

Alex Yates Headteacher at The Royal Free School

“Running workshops with BFUK has been a really rewarding experience, giving me the opportunity to share things that I wish I had been shown when I was young.

I’d recommend this to anyone who has some time to spare and wants to give something meaningful back to those that really need it.”

Jacob Reiman, Programme Leader - Nutritionist & Kinesiologist

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