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UpFront Theatre Company is a experienced, dynamic educational theatre company; specialising in providing interactive workshops & plays exploring the PSHE Suggested Programme of Study for KS3 & 4.

UpFront Theatre Company believes that - more often than not - students are pretty well-informed. They know the facts; they are aware of what's "right" & "wrong" and they have an ocean of resources provided within school, online & in the media. However, filling in the gaps, and putting these "rights or wrongs" into action, can prove to be the tricky part.

All UpFront Theatre Company products have an interactive or forum theatre element; and are designed to enable the students to become an active audience and think for themselves. We don't want to tell them what to think; by showing them characters in challenging situations, we encourage students to put themselves in the characters shoes & question 'what would I do?'

Whether it's a workshop, assembly or play, we invite students to ask questions, give advice and articulate opinions. UpFront Theatre Company gets young people talking.


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